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Welcome to the Center for Critical Thinking of Naples, FL

Who We Are
We are a group of diverse individuals, concerned with the events we see today. We provide a forum for members to debate and discuss matters of importance and to promote the understanding and value of Critical Thinking for the community at large.

Meet some of our Members: Bernard L Turner, Founder, Center for Critical Thinking My thoughts about our lives and the society within which we live, center around our ability to fathom our societal problems, and then, when we do, generate the will and motivation to play a role in impacting ourselves, others, and the society at large in a positive manner. I have had in depth exposure to the world of business and labor, having served on bank boards, as an economist with the National Industrial Conference Board, and as an organizer for the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union. I have spent decades teaching and administrating on educational levels from grade school through the doctorate, and have played a role impacting the development of institutions that are concerned about positive social change. My core believe is that the individual has the capacity to grow and learn, regardless of age, and, through the acquisition of knowledge and its application, help create a better society...

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