About Us

Social Change Begins with Critical Thinking

Who We Are

We are a group of diverse individuals, concerned with the events we see today.

For the past 17 years, we’ve provided a forum for members to debate and discuss matters of importance and to promote the understanding and value of Critical Thinking for the community at large.

Our Mission is to broaden critical thinking through open-minded discussion of relevant issues and to empower people to become rational thinkers and self-directed learners able to take action

“My thoughts about our lives and the society within which we live, center around our ability to fathom our societal problems, and then, when we do, generate the will and motivation to play a role in impacting ourselves, others, and the society at large in a positive manner.”
– Bernard L Turner,
Co-Founder, Center for Critical Thinking Inc.

How We Do This

We organize and lead discussion groups throughout Naples, FL with the goal of broadening the practice of critical thinking through open-minded discussion of relevant issues. At our discussions, a moderator offers some initial context before asking audience members for input. Participants are asked to listen thoughtfully and respond tactfully with brief and honest answers directed to the moderator and not individuals. Moderators seek to ensure that anyone wishing to provide to comment has an opportunity and that no one person dominates the meeting.